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Volvo Camshaft Alignment Set
AST tool# V500

  • Comparable to Volvo tool #9995451, #9995452, #9995453 and #9995454.

Used for the alignment of the camshafts and crankshafts on all in-line (4, 5 and 6-cyl.) twin cam motors through 2011, except the 3.0L and 3.2L. May also be used to align the camshafts with the cam cover.

Applicable to engines: B6254GS, B6294T, B5234T4, B6294S2, B5244S6, B5204T2, B5234FS, B4184S2, B5254T7, B5254FS M 4.4, B4204T2, B5244S4, B5254T, B5234T9, B4204T3(US)(CDN), B6304S3, B5204T4, B5244S5, B5204T3, B5204FS, B5252FS, B5254FS M 4.3, B4194T, B6294S, B5244T4, B6254FS, B4184S, B5234T6, B5234T2, B6304FS2, GB5252S, B4204S2, B4204T, B5244S2, B5204T5, B5244T7, B4184S9, B4204T4, B6284T, B5234T5, B6304FS, B4204T3, B5244SG2, B6244FS, B4184SJ, B4204T2 CVVT, B6304GS, B5254T4, B4184S3, B5234T3, B5244T2, B5244T3, B5244T5, B5254T2, B4204S, B5244S7, B5204FT, B5234FT, B5234T8, B5234T7, B5244S, B4184S10, B4194T2, B5254T3, B5254S DENSO, B4164S, B5254FS LH 3.2, B5244SG, B5244T, B4204T5, B5202FS, B4164S2, B5254T7 and D4192T2.

Tool Applications for Individual Tools listed below
(List includes applications for all tools included. Some models appear duplicated):

     2010 - 2010 Volvo - C30 T5, 2.5L (turbo)
     2010 Volvo - C30 T5
     2000 - 2010 Volvo - S40
     Volvo - S40
     2005 - 2009 Volvo - S60 2.5T
     2000 - 2006 Volvo - S80
     2000 - 2007 Volvo - V70
     2000 - 2006 Volvo - XC70
     2003 - 2007 Volvo - XC90
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