16mm, 12-Point Tamperproof Socket
AST tool# 6300X-16

  • 1/2" Drive

  • 60mm Length

  • Comparable to VW/Audi Tool #3357 and #T10198

  • Comparable to Mercedes Tool #904 589 00 10 00.

Used for R and R of manual transmission drain plug in Audi A4, A6 & VW Passat. Is also used on brake caliper bolts on Audi Q7, Porsche Cayenne, Volkswagen Touareg and fits Mercedes diesel truck flywheel bolts.

Tool Applications for Individual Tools listed below
(List includes applications for all tools included. Some models appear duplicated):

     Audi - A4
     Audi - A6
     2013 Audi - Q7
     Heavy Truck
     Porsche - Cayenne
     Volkswagen - Passat
     Volkswagen - Touareg

Available in ASTtool Set: