17mm, 1/4" Drive Socket
AST tool# 4617

  • 17mm, 6 Point

  • 1/4" Drive

  • .78" (19.8mm) Overall Length

  • Made in USA

After breaking bolts and nuts loose with 3/8” drive tools or wrenches, switch to our short 1/4” drive, 17mm socket for speed and better access.

Applicable to Acura motor mounts, rear brake caliper bolts on TSX and Acura/Honda bell housing bolts.

Also ideal when removing and replacing the bolt on the plastic drive belt tensioner pulley in VW/Audi 4 cylinder engines (CCTA & CBFA)[2010-2014].

Also applicable to KIA Optima [2015] belt tensioner bracket bolt, when removing and replacing.

Tool Applications for Individual Tools listed below
(List includes applications for all tools included. Some models appear duplicated):

    Acura - RDX 
    Acura - TSX
    Audi - A3
 2010 - 2014 
    Kia - Optima
 2015 - 2015