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What is the ASTtool distributor
promise to Independent Wagon Jobbers?

As you may be aware, there are issues with internet retailers selling automotive tool products at prices well below their retail value. Starting in January 2014, we implemented a Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) policy. Enforcing it is a challenge, and takes time. To keep the value of our products intact, there are certain products which we only sell through channels that do not supply internet retailers. We have also limited our drop ship policy to these same channels. The majority of internet sites do not carry inventory, and therefore rely on drop shipping for most products. We support mobile tool dealers, by making drop shipping available to the mobile tool dealer companies. We continue to police our MAP policy. Most websites selling tools, are just a picture and a price.
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At Assenmacher Specialty Tools, we manufacture and distribute a full line of Specialty Tools, Cooling System Adapters, Oil Change Products, Cam Alignment Tools and Disconnect Tools for Asian, Domestic and European vehicles. Many of our products are Made in U.S.A. Including our Cooling System Adapters, Engine Oil Funnels and various Engine Alignment Tools. ASTtools are carefully hand-inspected to ensure only the highest quality tools make their way into the hands of the technician. We pride ourselves on a professional and personal approach. We always greet callers with a real person on the line, and our team of experienced technical professionals is here and ready to assist.
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